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With our policy for quality, we aim at upgrading our internal processes, measuring and controlling all the factors that may affect the products and services we offer to our customers. Our policy for quality has the main purpose of consolidating the position of the company in the areas of expertise, gradually increasing the potential production, preventing any events that may affect customer satisfaction, and continually improving the results achieved, by measuring and analyzing all the factors that may affect the products and services we offer. To develop and implement this policy, our efforts are aimed at:

  • Interpreting the market needs;
  • Investing all the necessary financial resources so that there are no structural or technical deficiencies regarding the activity carried out or planned;
  • Making technical resources available to carry out and monitor activities in the most appropriate way, while maintaining efficiency;
  • Improving professional expertise and integrity of the available human resources, and developing the exchange of information within the organization;
  • Properly checking the quality and reliability of purchased and finished goods;
  • Managing the business in full compliance with applicable legal obligations and requirements, particularly with those relating to job security;
  • Measuring and analyzing the process efficiency, and continually improving it.

Ogni dipendente, pur autonomo nei limiti delle sue responsabilità, lavora nel rispetto dei punti programmatrici e delle procedure impostate ed è partecipe del raggiungimento degli obiettivi dichiarati. In rispetto di questa politica, la Direzione mantiene gli standard qualitativi già raggiunti e punta al miglioramento e alla crescita graduale della potenzialità produttiva. Periodicamente la Direzione riesamina la Politica della Qualità, così che ne siano garantiti l’adeguatezza e l’aggiornamento costante

‘Corazzolla s.r.l.’ is specialized in custom-made wooden furniture, which is produced exclusively by our company. The quality of our products comes from the experience we have gained since 1986, but above all from the awareness that it is necessary to invest in material resources in order to get a high level of quality, but especially in human resources, whom we consider an important value. Therefore, by transmitting this document, our managers wish to make all stakeholders aware of their commitment and to address the issues related to the protection of workers’ health and safety through a structured management system based on the UNI-INAIL MPI Guidelines.
To this end, our policy is based on the following principles:

  • Total compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Commitment to promotion, prevention, and continuous improvement in performance and results;
  • Preparation of adequate risk assessments, paying attention to the activities that are typical of wood processing industry;
  • Reducing risks at source by planning prevention and analysis of problems with the aim of improvement;
  • Stating that responsibility in the management of OSH covers the entire organization, from the Employer to employees, according to their functions and responsibilities;
  • Commitment to consider Occupational Safety and Health and its results as an integral part of the business management;
  • Commitment to provide the necessary human and material resources;
  • Commitment to ensure that workers are sensitized and trained to perform their duties safely, and to make them take on their responsibilities in terms of Occupational Safety and Health, by developing their knowledge, skills, and right attitudes;
  • Commitment to upgrade and maintain machines, plants, and equipment in line with technological and performance developments in wood industry;
  • Commitment to make workers participate and be consulted, including through regular meetings and via their safety representative;
  • Commitment to define and communicate the goals related to Occupational Safety and Health and its relative implementation programs within the company.

The document related to the Policy for the Occupational Safety and Health Management System will be spread to all employees by its posting on the company’s noticeboard. The management shall periodically review this policy and the Occupational Safety and Health Management System, in order to assess its correctness, suitability, and effectiveness, also with regard to internal and external changes, with the aim of continually improving and reviewing objectives and goals.

Our organization, which knows that environment is very important today for an adequate standard of living, manages its business activities with the purpose of improving its carbon footprint and therefore is committed to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws, rules, and regulations related to corporate characteristics;
  • Reduce and prevent carbon footprint as far as possible, not only with regard to its own products and packaging, but also to those purchased or provided by third parties;
  • Adopt technologies and processing methods that do not compromise employees’ and customers’ health, and do not undermine the environmental balance of the company's site, pledging to tackle pollution problems;
  • Keep eco-friendly processes that are already underway, such as:
    • The central heating system that is fed by virgin timber sawdust, waste of the company's internal processes; if there are no sufficient amounts, eco-friendly virgin wood chips are bought;
    • The photovoltaic system that allows on-site exchange of energy;
    • The ‘green’ roof that ensures thermal insulation and energy saving, reduction of fine particles, rainwater regulation, in addition to lower environmental and aesthetic impact.
  • Develop products that may be easily disposed of at the end of their life cycle, thus minimizing carbon footprint;
  • Raise environmental awareness, so that employees may apply it while carrying out professional duties;
  • Rely on adequate resources for achieving the goals set out in the company's environmental policy;
  • Establish controls on the environmental management system in order to verify compliance with the guidelines outlined in this document.

Our organization has the purpose of continually improving activities by complying with the commitments set out above. This should involve not only employees but also suppliers, customers, and the context in which the company was set up. Management regularly reviews the Policy for Quality, so that adequacy and continuous updating are guaranteed.


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